"The OAP Membership Plugin makes it incredibly easy to implement your OAP videos, files, & downloads."

Its simple to use, yet offers a huge amount of customization for those who like tweaking.


– (For OfficeAutopilot users only.)

The OAP Membership plugin was designed to bring you an incredibly easy way implement your text, images, videos, and downloads in a clean and friendly interface that your clients will want to pay to get access to. Its simple to use, yet offers a huge amount of customization for those who like tweaking. With our OAP integration, its easier than ever to add your OAP files, images, and videos to your site. Simply upload your files directly to the plugin or select your preexisting files from your OfficeAutopilot account, and they will immediately appear perfectly placed on your site. No need to mess around with formatting. No need to touch even a single line of code (unless you want to add your own off course… we didnt forget about our advanced users who might want to add their own banner ads or other content to each page.)


PilotPress allows you to have a websitemembership sitecustomer center, and anaffiliate center all in one place, with the same look of the rest of your site, and integrated together with your Office Autopilot account. PilotPress is the plugin that controls all the permissions of your membership site, and works hand in hand with the membership plugin to deliver your content like videos, downloads, and forms etc.

Every business has or needs a website. Since WordPress is the most flexible, dynamic content management software out there, and because their service is free, we decided to create this integration to allow our customers to have all that flexibility that WordPress allows, all seamlessly integrated with their Office Autopilot accounts.


To install the plugin, please follow the directions below.

  1. Download the file from the link sent to you in the email. (Use a location that you can easily remember.)
  2. Login to the backend of your WordPress site, and navigate to the ‘Plugins’ option in the WordPress menu on the left hand side.
  3. Click ‘Add New’ and then click ‘Upload’ at the top.
  4. Choose the file and then click ‘Install Now.’
  5. On the next screen, click ‘Activate’ to activate the plugin.

Thats it! You’re memberhsip plugin is now installed, activated, and ready to go!