– (For OfficeAutopilot users only.)

The OAP Membership plugin was designed to bring you an incredibly easy way implement your text, images, videos, and downloads in a clean and friendly interface that your clients will want to pay to get access to. Its simple to use, yet offers a huge amount of customization for those who like tweaking. With our OAP integration, its easier than ever to add your OAP files, images, and videos to your site. Simply upload your files directly to the plugin or select your preexisting files from your OfficeAutopilot account, and they will immediately appear perfectly placed on your site. No need to mess around with formatting. No need to touch even a single line of code (unless you want to add your own off course… we didnt forget about our advanced users who might want to add their own banner ads or other content to each page.)

Pair this plugin with Pilot Press and you can quickly and easily create a subscription based membership site where you can start creating revenue from your content. You will have the ability to control access to pages, posts, categories, downloads, and all your images or videos. Additionally, you can create ‘teaser content’ that your users will click to get immediate access to, however, will be greeted instead by your “join now” page before they can get in. Charge different amounts for different levels of access, get your users on a monthly subscriptions, and integrate EVERYTHING with your OfficeAutopilot account… where once you set it, you can forget it and watch as your content starts generating monthly recurring income!nyone from beginners to advanced users the ability to create great looking membership content. Click the pictures to a sneak peak!

Here is a list of features below:
  • Disable the plugin on the front end while you work on creating and adding your content. Simply turn everything on with a click of a button as soon as you are ready to go!
  • Use the styling that comes with your current theme, use our default styling, or customize every single bit till your heart is content. You have the option to control the colors, font type, font size, link colors, border colors and size, and much more!
  • Apply your custom styling to all of your membership content pages or just to individual ones. Its up to you.
  • Easily integrate social media sharing and even facebook comments with your membership content. When your users share the content on the page, it will show a snippet of your content on their social media profiles. Then, when one of their friends click the link, they will be prompted to join before they get access! (You must have PilotPress installed and configured properly for this to happen)
  • Add lessons / modules to a specific ‘Membership Content’ area in the backend so that you can keep your membership content organized. Then, simply drag and drop your lessons into the order you would like them to appear in. Want to add categories for your content? Great! You can do that too.
  • Choose between two overview layouts to display your content differently. (See Overview Templates below.)
  • Choose between two membership content layouts to display your membership content differently. (See Text / Media Templates below)
  • Easily add info about your lesson as well as pertinent download materials into your membership content pages. You can either upload your downloads to your site or pull them directly from your OfficeAutopilot file manager.
  • Easily add a main media item to your membership content pages. You can either upload your image to your site, pull an image from your OfficeAutopilot Image library, add the url of a video you would like to stream (supports Youtube, Vimeo, or other self hosted video links), or pull a video from your OfficeAutopilot Video Manager (The preferred way to make you look more professional.)
  • Add custom HTML code to your membership content pages so that you can easily add banner images, links, or anything else you might want!
  • OAP Membership Plugin also comes with a sidebar widget for your membership content menu items, so that you can allow your members to easily get to your content even when they arent on a content page!