Overview Page – Rectangle Layout

This is an example of the overview section with a ‘rectangle’ layout. You can introduce your membership program here and add any type of content you like. You will use the WordPress editor to add your intro text, images, videos, or html. Then you will click the little button in the editor that looks like a lock to insert the ‘overview content’ section. This section includes a list of membership items with a sample image, item title, item number, and short description of what your users will learn. ¬†Clicking this button triggers a popup that provides you with a few options that allow you to customize the overview section.

  • First you will choose what type of layout you would like. The example on this page demonstrates the ‘Rectangle’ layout.
  • Then you will choose what you want to call your membership items. Your options are: Modules, Lessons, or Sections.
  • Finally you will select which ‘category’ (also known as membership program) you would like to use. (This determines what membership items show up on this page.)

Upon making your last selection, the pop up will close and will insert a shortcode into your editor window. (Shortcodes look like this: [shortcode text], and basically tell WordPress to render the long version of the code stored in other WordPress files that you can not see.) The overview section will show up wherever you place the shortcode in relation to the rest of the intro or outro content you created. 

Once you have created all of your intro / outro content and added your overview section shortcode, then you can use PilotPress to set your permission levels and you are ready to go! 

Here is an example of the rectangle overview section.


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